Magician mentalist London, member of the Magic Circle

Magician mentalist London, member of the Magic Circle

Interview of a magician and mentalist in London.

What are your specialties in magic ?

I discovered magic when I was 10 years old. Not surprisingly, thanks to a gift given of my parents, a box of magic., I was able to learn an art that exists from the beginning you are humanity. very quickly, I specialized in close-up magic. The close-up magic indeed allows an interaction that is impossible on stage, although I also like to produce It also in this setting. But we must recognize there is nothing better than this unique approach to a few centimeters of spectators to interact with them and produce illusions that is speechless. And this for a very simple reason: everything happens in their hands ! It happens to me in this sense to play with their own borrowed objects such as rings or banknotes which value is multiplied or which is transformed between their hand. To answer your initial question, I am also specialized in mentalism and iPad magic.

What attracts you I am English magicians and why ?

Although my French origin, I still have a special affection for Anglo-Saxon illusionnists. In this sense I am very proud to belong to the Magic Circle in London and to Magic Castle in Hollywood, as these two institutions existing since the 60s gives a very positive image of our art ! I feel close to the approach of my English and American colleague,  who offers a visual magic designed to get attracction near the public. Just watch the trailer and videos posted on the Internet to see that the interactions is very strong !  In this sense, I think that we must work foremost for the public in order to please them and generate strong reactions.

What are your sources of inspiration ?

Everything but we go to the magic! Indeed it seems weird but I am always looking for a lot of things,  I often go to many museums, I go to the cinema and I listen to radios programs such as “Affaires sensibles” that remains my favorite show. I am exhausting a lot of story ideas based on true stories or based on artists with strong content. I love painting, music and all other artistic disciplines that can greatly be an inexhaustible source of inspiration! The whole remains particularly rewarding !

How do you consider evolution magic ?

The situation is very different between France, England and the United States. Indeed in the worst Anglo-Saxon interest for magicians has never denied. In France we see emerge for some years new talents in mind that Viktor Vincent, Enzo Weyne, Gus Ilusionnist. It was also a magician who won the show France Got’Talent, in 2016 Antonio. All these artists give a beautiful image to the magic ! I am very the enthusiastic of the general public for all these broadcasts growing exhibition of artists On TV ! It must be said that all these magicians have a lot of talent! Beyond the television is also the shows that fill which is also a strong signal !

How has magic evolved since your professional debut ?

I discovered magic at the age of 10. I note that in recent years the facts are becoming stronger. The magician are now able to fly objects, make disappear a pack of spectator cards. Also a lot of talents are submerged like the French Twins with talented video and and magic trick. The whole is cheering !

Do you produce only in London ?

No, the fact that I speak English is an asset, as well as being part of the Magic Circle of London and the Magic Castle in Hollywood. As a mentalist magician, I perform in ParisLyon, Geneva, Annecy, Monaco, Saint-Etienne, Valence, Chambery, Montreux, Lausanne or Grenoble.

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